Thursday, February 9, 2012

car stuff, gonna paint it soon

Some more hid pics, ill be installing them into the fog lights soon

haha, multi pic attempt, lighting fail

yes, these are the bulbs in case you couldnt tell

front and rear windshields removed and rear quarter windows, dash board too

took out the rear decklid, masked it off, sanded it, filled the badge holes, and sanded some more

headlight covers, filled the dent on one of them
painted the inside plastic trim black, hopefully thatll stick

still need to mask off/take off the front bumper

body work on the front right fender

masked off where the front windshield was and primed the lip of the window/edge
there was some rust there

i think im going to wire brush this spot some more to make sure all the rust and paint flakes are off and then re-prime it

heres the sunroof plug i made in its final stage of completion
ive spent a lot of hours on it, and its pretty good now, not perfect, but not bad

ahhhhh, yes, so smooth

masked off


rear quarter body work, skirts on the ground

rear decklid vent, probably gonna repaint that soon

ill be painting it either this weekend or the next, depending on when I can get clearcoat

and i almost forgot, i got the paint in the mail this week
its a metallic blue, it comes in bags of powder that you then mix with clearcoat to get the paint
its pretty cheap, so im hoping it will come out well
(this amount in shown makes 1-2 gallon depending on how transparent you want it, so im planning on using this amount to make about 1.25 gallons, and then spraying some more plain clearcoat over that.)

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