Saturday, December 29, 2012


its beeen a while
i ended up selling the rebuilt l28 bottom end, headers, and some of the other parts.  Ill sell the rest soon
reason being is that it would have required too much reworking of the suspension to make it fit.  and it would have been terrible to drift which is what I want to do with it.  not much has been sone with the s13, just painting and cleaning parts and putting the engine bay back together.  mostly all the front suspention is in and the brakes and everything. ill put some pictures up when im back from tahoe.

other than that, the sc300 has been great. driving it all the time. I now have a bucket seat in it.  feels better for drifting in.  i cut the springs, i know, not the right way to do it, but its until I get coilovers.  I got wheels, 4 more bbs's so not I have 6 which I will use to make 4 wheels and sell the remaining parts.

some stuff copied from build thread
so now i have the option of flaring/ widebody the lexus and going with the negative offset option of the wheels or running stock body and rolled fenders and running the positive 12j in the back and the very positive 9j in the front (maybe with a bit of spacers)

heres what the 12j with negative offset looked like. to give you an idea, with the stock rear fenders, there was more than 5" from the outside of the fenders to the end of the wheel lip. with about -1 or 2 degrees negative camber

therefore more camber and flares of some sort and stretch should work alright.  and i forgot to mention, the wheels were already drilled to 5x114 which is sweet

these are the ones with the larger lip size 8j +11 i think

 and these are 8j +40, same as the two I have on my car already
I will be selling all of my 1.5" lips (i think thats what they are)

for now im thinking of running the + offset option and keeping stock but rolled fenders and seeing what it is like
thats it for now, more to come soon,
thanks for viewing

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I havent posted in a while
I have been working on a 1993 nissan 240sx s13
Its a popular car, but I am doing mine a bit differently
old school styling with a carbed l28 and 15's (soon to come)

sc300 will also have somewhat old school styling with old mesh bbs'  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

today's work

first, I worked on varun's sisters civic with him.  we took the fromt left knuckle and hub off.  we then changed the ball joint.  we also were plannin on changing the wheel bearing, because it needed to be changed bad, but we couldnt get it out.  hes soaking it with oil tonight and well try again tomorrow

then we started the engine removal from my car

drained what was left of the oil from the porsche.  seems like it only spilled a couple quarts (most of what was in the dry sump tank)
and then I disconnected all the oil lines

some of the stuff from the track day

started pulling apart wire connectors, did all but the reverse light wiring and the starter motor wiring
we also did all the fuel system and the vacuum 
all we have left is the rest of the wiring and then drop the motor and trans together

current state of the civic

before the track day

couple shots from the hotel room in willows.  it was a 10 min drive from the track, drive right over the highway and down the road to thunder hill

fun day over all

Friday, June 8, 2012

took the car to the track today.  while my dad was driving, he blew the motor.  havent made up my mind yet about what im going to do with that car

Friday, June 1, 2012

did some drifting in that lot by adrian's on the way home

drifted on my old tire and a spare, haha

got down to the wire

went through the wire here

had to unravel this string from the brakes and arms

heres where the wire wore through, the rubber is bubbling up, surprised it didnt blow out

Saturday, May 19, 2012

spare diff

I cleaned my spare diff case last night and opened it up.  i havent totally decided what my plans are for this one, but im thinking get a different ring and pinion to gear it somewhere between 4.1-4.2 because in the future I have plans to run small wheels.  And Im thinking about filling in the mounts with polyurethane to make them pretty solid.  And I will probably take the diff out of the pumpkin thats on the car right now and put it in this one, or just get this one welded too.  not sure yet
and ill paint both of them at some point
or maybe just keep this one as a spare, not sure

Friday, May 18, 2012


Just went to a spot about 15 minutes from my house and did some driving

here is the result

IM going to try to go get 2 17s to mound the free tires I can get

Thursday, May 17, 2012

awesome s30

an awesome looking local s30 just got featured on speedhunters, and I love the location (Alameda Naval Base), they do a lot of driving type events out there

Monday, May 7, 2012

lexus front bumper

took the front bumper off the lexus a couple days ago.  i washed it off pretty well today.  sometime soon i will go to harbor freight and try to get a new orbital sander to replace the old one i have from them that gave out.

this thing is duraflex, so it doesnt brake, its impossible to. 

and ill probably cut my springs soon

Monday, April 23, 2012

lexus diff

I forgot to mention, i took the diff to blu808 and they welded it for me for $65.  they did two square steel plates, one on each side, welded to the 4 spider gears front and back.  its rock solid, glad I paid to have a super good weld.

anyways, ive been driving on it for about 2.5 weeks now and it feels solid.  everyone complains about it, and its not a big deal.  you only feel it driving slowly through a parking lot

anyways, next up on the lexus is some means of lowering and im going to try to get a crappy used pair of 17" wheels for drifting with, cause I can get free used 17" tires

I finished painting the porsche and im starting to reassemble it.  I still need to buff it out through.

the lexus (original basically everything) has 186, almost 7k miles on it and im surprised the motors held up. im not sure it will last for long though