Sunday, June 10, 2012

today's work

first, I worked on varun's sisters civic with him.  we took the fromt left knuckle and hub off.  we then changed the ball joint.  we also were plannin on changing the wheel bearing, because it needed to be changed bad, but we couldnt get it out.  hes soaking it with oil tonight and well try again tomorrow

then we started the engine removal from my car

drained what was left of the oil from the porsche.  seems like it only spilled a couple quarts (most of what was in the dry sump tank)
and then I disconnected all the oil lines

some of the stuff from the track day

started pulling apart wire connectors, did all but the reverse light wiring and the starter motor wiring
we also did all the fuel system and the vacuum 
all we have left is the rest of the wiring and then drop the motor and trans together

current state of the civic

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