Wednesday, November 30, 2011

love this lexus

is300 with a manual tranny and pretty low. love drift lexus', and risky devils the best crew, put them together= sick car


dope 510 via fatlace

loved 510s ever since i saw one with a swapped turbo sr motor from turbo mag

Smoooooooogggggggggg!!! yeah, that right, just passed

just passed smog, not quite sure how. i had no idea where i was running at (rich or lean), and the guy was a boss, let me adjust it while it was running on the dyno to get it where it needed to be. anyways, im super legal now. ill be getting the real registration in the mail now all of that junk, and a cool little sticker that says "2012" to cover the one on my plate that says "2010".

Sunday, November 27, 2011


shift bushings. bought a stock set of replacement shift bushings. one goes on the bottom of the shift knob shaft? if thats the right name for it. another goes in around the rod that comes out of the tranny (dont know the name for this either) and the last two go on the shift coupler.  aftermarket bushings are made for one of there 3 types of bushing, the coupler, so i bought those too. they are the red ones made by prothane.  i bough them cause theyre stiffer material= more precise bushings= better shifting. only problem was that these have elongated holes, and the OEM ones have normal holes. elongated/oval holes will make for sloppier shifting, i think, so im probably going to fill them in with polyurethane and then drill out a normal hole for optimal performance on those bushings.

im a little confused at the steering rack spacers (cheap ones that prop the steering rack up a little) versus the expensive knuckle mods that allow the tie rod to be kept at stock heigh (I think).  ive read that the cheap spacers that prop the rack up can actually make bump steer worse, so im hesitant on putting them in. i have more research to do.

other than that, im working on the exhaust and getting it to pass smog (should happen this week). welded in the cat, sealed exhaust leaks, and im going to go everything else i can to prep it to ensure a pass.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

my new intake setup

this new intake setup that im making that I will be using soon consists of an ebay cone filter, a 3" pluming elbow pipe, a rubber pluming coupler, and a plastic drain grate.  I will glue or melt somehow, the elbow to a plat rectangular piece of plastic that I will then put over the area that used to be where the filter was located.  cost of this
pluming stuff from osh: $10
cone filter: $5
sheet of plastic: already had


new oem replacement filter that fits the porsche air box:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

prep for tomorrow

I got some tools, my jack, dug my spare out from the back yard, 12v tire pump, and some other stuff.  i also put in a new turn signal bulb and i just bought a new Anco 13" wiper blade to replace me old one that wash completely destroyed. the new one fits well and works well. ill pump up the tires tomorrow and we should be good to go

Thursday, November 17, 2011

drove it, it runs, but i still got a little ways to go

This is what the car looks like as of right now
It runs, its drivable, it still has the old rusty full-of-holes exhaust that renders the muffler useless
I got some OBX race headers in the mail, I paid for the ceramic coated steel ones and they accidentally sent my stainless steel ones for the ceramic coated price :) - u know i didnt complain about that one!!
anyways, ill be keeping that muffler, as it cuts few decibels and few hp, the way i like it (it has ~2.5" of full straight through pipe in the middle which is drilled silencer style with packing around the pipe, but the flow is unbeatable, especially for the $20 that I paid for it.  
I still need to lower the car, I lowered it already, but the front is outta wack, and while im redoing the front I think im going to lower it a little more, and then lower the rear a little to match it.  Right now the fenders are just at the height of the top of the tires, and the chassis is about 5 or 6" off the ground, so I can afford to lower it a little more.  With the new exhaust that im currently making, I will tuck the muffler as high and as out of the way as possible for maximum clearance. - its higher than it was yesterday because I cracked the weld when the muffler hit the gas station "driveway cutout" or whaever you call them. so i jacked up the muffler and rewelded it, its decent now

im working on the hub adapter, well no, but ive put some though into it and I have an idea for it that I think will work fairly well.
then its just roll fenders, fix dents, paint, and then new back wheels when Im ready for them

Ill be going to skyline this sunday to put the car to the test, Ill work on some handbrake drifts too, hopefully well get some pics.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


took my car to go get gas today (this is a big deal for me), first time ive driven it legally.  anyway, the shift bushings are shot, like in 1st gear, you can make a 1.5x1.5" square with the shift knob, so im buying some new ones. im driving to skyline with some people this weekend, well probably have lunch at Alice's, the coolest spot.  i gripped my hand brake and i have the button in, so ill be practicing some drifts up there in that area.  it should be fun for sure.
ill have some pics from that day, better charge the camera, and ill try to get some footage as well

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Im thinking or running these wheels in the back: 17X10 Silver 4 Lug Silver SC Deep Dish Wheels
i will do a lug conversion to make that work.
then I will take my current back wheels and stick them up front.  I will roll both front and rear fenders (rears a lot) to make this doable, but they say under the stock fenders you can fit 225's up front and 245's in the back.  Ill probably run ~220s or so up front and then somewhere around 230's/235's in the back with a slight stretch.  it should look good.  those wheels right there are 17x10j with +25mm offset, something around there.  Its a big jump from by current rears, i think theyre about 7" wide, maybe a little wider?? but if you look now at those wheels in the fender, the fender, unrolled/pulled can house a good 2" wider tire, and a wider wheel if your stretching, so rolled fenders with the 10" wheels should be pretty nice. ill have to talk to one of the stores that makes custom hub adapters, and I think instead of running a hub adapter that will push my wheel even farther out, I will run a super long hub adapter that replaces the OEM one. that way the wheel wont be pushed out too much.
ill try to get some pictures to make it less confusting

Saturday, November 12, 2011


a pit playing gently with a baby dear. always though they were crazy dogs, but i guess thats just cause pple raise them that way

Thursday, November 10, 2011


ITS LEGAL NOW!!! well after a 1 time smog test, then well be hitting the streets hard.  Plans for the car:
I got some headers, should be here soon. And  then im going to make an exhaust system with a cat (ill have to buy on) and ill weld flanges on both sides.  that way, after i smog it, i can take out the cat and run a test pipe for all that great flow.  im going to keep my $20 ebay ricer muffler, it should sound pretty darn good with the silencer out and a system without exhaust leaks.  then I need to get a hold of an air fuel ratio tester/meter so i can get the car to pass smog.  but i think ill be able to do it. - wish me luck, failing it would suck bad

then im going to do some more sanding on the sunroof, Im really almost done with it, then fix the dents and roll the fenders.  then ill put the rear OEM wheels up front and swap the oem hub adapters/ spacers for some custom made ones that will fit whaever rear wheels i find (im looking for around 16 or 17 x 10 J with about 0 or slightly negative offset. maybe slightly negative would be better. yeah, im going to be pulling the crap outta those rear fenders and rolling them too (should help fix the passenger rear quarter panel).
and I have more plans for the future but those will remain in the future for not (race coilovers with crazy high rates on some adjustable sleeves, and new shocks in back and strut inserts up front, rsr spring plates, high hats, camber plates on custom raised shock towers up front, rsr trailing arm camber boxes in the back), and then some other stuff, not only suspension, but its been on my mind.

planning a swap down the road, far down the road, but well cross that bridge when we come to it

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

this type of stance

i really love this look a lot, its the stance ae86 look, u know, the normal: rolled fenders, deep dish wheels with a lotta negative offset, too much to fit under the fender, so you stretch the tires a lot to make it work. there are few cars that beat this look. you all know this s12, but its got the look too, and it reminded me of this corolla pic i have from somewhere

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Holy sh*t

craziest thing ive seen in a while

Thursday, November 3, 2011


ive been using that sander a lot, it works well. ive been doing the sunroof work, its looking good now. ill try to put up some pictures soon. i also made a shift boot out of ribbon, a soccer sock, and a wrist band, its pretty sick.  i have driven my car a couple of times and i should be getting it registered very soon. ive been driving it around, and its running pretty well. the

the sun roof is basically done
i need to fix a couple dents
i need to find a hub adapter to roll the fenders
and then i need to paint it, than ill be pretty much done, but ill still need to redo front suspension and rear cause i wanna lower it more
and i need to make the hub adapter work with the 6 bolt pattern so that i can run a nrg quick release and my deep dish ebay wheel