Thursday, November 10, 2011


ITS LEGAL NOW!!! well after a 1 time smog test, then well be hitting the streets hard.  Plans for the car:
I got some headers, should be here soon. And  then im going to make an exhaust system with a cat (ill have to buy on) and ill weld flanges on both sides.  that way, after i smog it, i can take out the cat and run a test pipe for all that great flow.  im going to keep my $20 ebay ricer muffler, it should sound pretty darn good with the silencer out and a system without exhaust leaks.  then I need to get a hold of an air fuel ratio tester/meter so i can get the car to pass smog.  but i think ill be able to do it. - wish me luck, failing it would suck bad

then im going to do some more sanding on the sunroof, Im really almost done with it, then fix the dents and roll the fenders.  then ill put the rear OEM wheels up front and swap the oem hub adapters/ spacers for some custom made ones that will fit whaever rear wheels i find (im looking for around 16 or 17 x 10 J with about 0 or slightly negative offset. maybe slightly negative would be better. yeah, im going to be pulling the crap outta those rear fenders and rolling them too (should help fix the passenger rear quarter panel).
and I have more plans for the future but those will remain in the future for not (race coilovers with crazy high rates on some adjustable sleeves, and new shocks in back and strut inserts up front, rsr spring plates, high hats, camber plates on custom raised shock towers up front, rsr trailing arm camber boxes in the back), and then some other stuff, not only suspension, but its been on my mind.

planning a swap down the road, far down the road, but well cross that bridge when we come to it

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