Thursday, November 3, 2011


ive been using that sander a lot, it works well. ive been doing the sunroof work, its looking good now. ill try to put up some pictures soon. i also made a shift boot out of ribbon, a soccer sock, and a wrist band, its pretty sick.  i have driven my car a couple of times and i should be getting it registered very soon. ive been driving it around, and its running pretty well. the

the sun roof is basically done
i need to fix a couple dents
i need to find a hub adapter to roll the fenders
and then i need to paint it, than ill be pretty much done, but ill still need to redo front suspension and rear cause i wanna lower it more
and i need to make the hub adapter work with the 6 bolt pattern so that i can run a nrg quick release and my deep dish ebay wheel

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