Sunday, November 27, 2011


shift bushings. bought a stock set of replacement shift bushings. one goes on the bottom of the shift knob shaft? if thats the right name for it. another goes in around the rod that comes out of the tranny (dont know the name for this either) and the last two go on the shift coupler.  aftermarket bushings are made for one of there 3 types of bushing, the coupler, so i bought those too. they are the red ones made by prothane.  i bough them cause theyre stiffer material= more precise bushings= better shifting. only problem was that these have elongated holes, and the OEM ones have normal holes. elongated/oval holes will make for sloppier shifting, i think, so im probably going to fill them in with polyurethane and then drill out a normal hole for optimal performance on those bushings.

im a little confused at the steering rack spacers (cheap ones that prop the steering rack up a little) versus the expensive knuckle mods that allow the tie rod to be kept at stock heigh (I think).  ive read that the cheap spacers that prop the rack up can actually make bump steer worse, so im hesitant on putting them in. i have more research to do.

other than that, im working on the exhaust and getting it to pass smog (should happen this week). welded in the cat, sealed exhaust leaks, and im going to go everything else i can to prep it to ensure a pass.

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