Wednesday, January 18, 2012

some parts

Just got some new parts. Theyre megan racing nissan silvia tie rod ends.  They are beefy, and use the heim style design, vs the oem which has a fixed bolt on it that bolts to the strut.  Anyways, whit rod end is meant for use with lowered cars because it has spacing on top of the bolt so space the tie rods back down to horizontal when on a lowered car.

And the opening process

the box

the sticker

the tie rod ends

(please note the metallic blue paint and spacing on top of the bolt), but mostly the blue paint

Monday, January 16, 2012


For the sake of cost, logic, and usage or parts i already have, i will be going with a 2.5" exhaust rather than a 3".  i already have a brand new 2.5" muffler, so i will be able to use that.  It will consist of the headers i bought, bolted up to some flanges that I have to buy which I will weld to/make a 2.5" system out of which will go from 2-1 and then into the muffler and out.  Should cut few db's and hp's, the best way to go.  plus on a 3.0l na system, 3.0" is unnecessarily large, smaller, hotter pipe on that engine size will flow better


Yeah, so i tried to make all of the flaking paint on my fender look less bad, so i sanded it down some and then I primed it

Then I painted it with the white paint I had. I know its not the right color so now it matches the spot on the front right fender and the interior.

I will be painting it soon, hopefully, assuming I get less lazy.  Probably metallic blue, metallic grey, or a metallic turquoise type of color
-(i like metallic paints)

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Ya, so i havent driving the range rover in a week and the battery died, ive never had a battery die that fast... seems kinda weird, i would say its been the cold winter weather but it hasnt been cold.

sivia tie rod ends

just bought these tie rod ends for my 911

i like them cause theyre pretty beefy, made by megan racing, and most of all, why i bought them is cause i lowered my car and i need tie rods with spacing capabilities

more pics to come once i put them in

The Daily living: i love this beat to shit has my favorite...

The Daily living: i love this beat to shit has my favorite...: i love this beat to shit has my favorite rims SSR Vienna <3

-taken from thedailyliving blog

Ichiraku Toshi's rwb 993

yeah, its got crazy good fittment

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

wheel setup

So im thinking, i wont be able to run good wheels (specs) with hub adapters.  it would add another inch of negative offset (if you were to count it as part of the wheel) which means that the wheel would have to be about 17" by 10" with about +42 mm offset, which when combined with a 1 inch (25.4mm) hub adapter, would give it 16mm offset.  +16 offset on a 17" by 10" wheel is something that i have confirmation that will fit with rolled fenders (it has been done before).  and I think thats pretty much the widest anyone has done.  now, if i were to run the XXR wheels that im looking at, they would be put at -5 offset in the back with the hub adapter, which probably wouldn't fit. there would be extra space on the inside edge of the tire and not enough space on the fender edge.  i would need more offset than that if I were going to use a hub adapter.

Which Is why I think ive come to the conclusion of running different hubs, or modifying the stock hubs, for 5x114.3 hub pattern, this would mean drilling and threading new holes on the OEM hubs, which could be an option, or running nissan hubs if they have the same spline pattern, which I still need to figure out.
Like these (but I would try to grab a set from a maxima in a junk yard).

then id be working with the right hub pattern with no need for adapters.  I would be able to run wider wheels, not that id want to, but id be able to run ten times better offsets.  I would be running anywhere from a 17"x10" +16 to a 17"x10" +5 depending on how much I roll the outside fender.  Yeah, that would be pretty frikken awesome

Monday, January 9, 2012

fitment makes my head hurt

so basically 10's will be hard to get to fit, especially with 0 offset (with hub adapter) but it might be possible, so ill probably go with wheels with more + offset

new phone!!

yep, just got a new phone, my old ones screen broke internally, cause its not cracked.  and its really weird cause i just pulled it out of my pocket and it was cracked.  anyway, my 2 yr plan was done so i got the new free phone with all the gear, its a sweet deal

also got a gps from my parents for christmas and its pretty sweet, but i havent used it yet cause the cigarette lighter on my car might be messed up, i think.  but its what i want, because it has a big screen and i can use it for driving up at the mountain pass so you can see where the turns are and where the straight aways are even ay night. this is, imho, one of two of the most important night time accessories, the other being ebay hid xenons in the for light housings.  my fog lights are already broken/ the dont work so im probably going to take out all of the wiring and run some stupid bring ebay xenons so that I can see well at night.  (you only use these when nobodys on the road)

Friday, January 6, 2012

motor mounts

So I primed the bottom washers (they were corroding) and then painted them yellow

Then I primed my motor mounts

I went and bought some fluorescent paint

And I painted the mounts green

And then I put them in

Im painting the bolt tops pink, and Ill have it all in and bolted up tomorrow

just finished the job off.
heres what the mounts look like installed

NO jack supporting the motor anymore!!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

yeah, so this sc300... omg amazing

this makes me wanna get low cost mustang wheels.  heres the thing though, i dont know if i could pull them off on a non-japanese car, cause they have quite a ton of dish to them.  but theyre much more affordable than some of the name brand japanese wheels.  i dunno, well see.  i just know i want wheels with 5 x 114.3 lug pattern, cause 5 bolts better and thats the pattern that all the good wheels are using, in case I want to run other wheels down the road.

some updates

Yeah, so the polyurethane has become very stiff.  Its been less than 48 hrs and their almost dried completely.  Ill give it until saturday at least though before I put them on just to ensure that theyre totally good to go.  I ground down/drilled the polyurethane where the bolt holes are, so I should be able to get the bolts in there easily now.  

So yeah, now its just sitting and waiting until I can put them back in, and before I do I will paint them, of course.  Im thinking of going to osh and buying some of the marking spray paint (florescent paint) and using that, cause it looks sick.  I think ill pick one of those colors, probably green, and carry it throughout the car as a color on a lot of the parts, that would look sick.

Also thinking about slamming the range rover, but I dont want to buy wheels, and Im guessing slammed on stock wheels would like pretty terrible.  But i need new shocks for that car so i might just do it now anyways.  it will be an ebay shock set and some coils that i can find cheap that are super high spring rate

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


jk, just found this car on my forum... lets just say it needs a drop

waiting for stuff to dry sukks

i put some more polyurethane on my motor mounts to make sure they will be super strong

heres the motor resting on the jack and some wood

and i primed and painted the bottom washers (they were corroding slightly)

and some awesome guy on my forum who makes coupler bushings rebuilt my coupler which i thought was stuck for good

the car will be out of commission for like a week while the polyurethane dries, and then well be good to go
meanwhile, ill try to clean up some of the wiring mess

Monday, January 2, 2012

stoked on hachis right now

two in specific, and some other ones too.
rauh welt started with ae86's.  they were the ones who started demon camber, stretched tires, even ziptying, i think.  Yeah, the painters car, hes the youngest guy in the original rwb crew, back when they were all 86's. hes the only guy whos still with rwb thats only 86s to this day, whereas everyone else has gone to 911s.  this is one of his two cars, his track prepped one
awesome feature done by Antonio Alvendia from speedhunters
super old but i look at it all the time, major inspiration for my car, love everything about it

and where did that sick body kit come from?

the man on top of the 86 scene, Yamashita Koichi.  he is the founder, owner, and leader of running free.  what was a team, and became a company, is this group of 86ers who were one of the first 86 drift groups.  his car is one of the best known and its running some crazy parts.  Is company makes these kits that are really sick.  Yeah, this is his feature on motormavens

updates on the car

So, I was planning on locking out the dizzy, so I started to take it apart.

And then I decided against locking it out, but rather I would adjust the dizzy to full timing advance and then retard it when necessary with the MSD.  So I put it all back together

I finally rewired the heater and got it running.  Put the wire straight to the battery because I just bypassed the fuse box cause the heaters got its own fuse.
Why did I do that, cause the tip of it melted

So yeah, I just cut it off and soldered on some wire.

and i kept the mounting spot I had before.  very convenient

and then the motor mounts
Jacked the car up

Took off the motor mounts

Then I cleaned them with some dish soap, a toothbrush, and some steel wool

And then I polyurethane'd them

I basically attached the metal mount to the washers and made them solid, so now the rubber is stationary and it wont absorb stuff

I also stickered the back of my drivers seat

Ill try to get some more zumiez stickers this summer from my friend Conor who works there, and make my checker board pattern bigger

And heres my new catch can.  Its a vintage coke bottle.  It suits the car well, I think (its really old)

And I sent my shift coupler and the new bushings I bought for it off to a guy whos a member of the forum that Im on, he rebuilds them and makes precision bushings.  Anyways, he put in the new bushings and he sent it back, it should be here on the next mail day (after all this holiday crap).  Yeah, super nice of him to do that for me, he didnt even charge me anything.

So new coupler bushings, along with installing the other two bushings in the shift linkage and putting in a centering spring should help a lot.  Yeah, ill be putting a centering spring in, it wont look good but ittl work.