Monday, January 2, 2012

updates on the car

So, I was planning on locking out the dizzy, so I started to take it apart.

And then I decided against locking it out, but rather I would adjust the dizzy to full timing advance and then retard it when necessary with the MSD.  So I put it all back together

I finally rewired the heater and got it running.  Put the wire straight to the battery because I just bypassed the fuse box cause the heaters got its own fuse.
Why did I do that, cause the tip of it melted

So yeah, I just cut it off and soldered on some wire.

and i kept the mounting spot I had before.  very convenient

and then the motor mounts
Jacked the car up

Took off the motor mounts

Then I cleaned them with some dish soap, a toothbrush, and some steel wool

And then I polyurethane'd them

I basically attached the metal mount to the washers and made them solid, so now the rubber is stationary and it wont absorb stuff

I also stickered the back of my drivers seat

Ill try to get some more zumiez stickers this summer from my friend Conor who works there, and make my checker board pattern bigger

And heres my new catch can.  Its a vintage coke bottle.  It suits the car well, I think (its really old)

And I sent my shift coupler and the new bushings I bought for it off to a guy whos a member of the forum that Im on, he rebuilds them and makes precision bushings.  Anyways, he put in the new bushings and he sent it back, it should be here on the next mail day (after all this holiday crap).  Yeah, super nice of him to do that for me, he didnt even charge me anything.

So new coupler bushings, along with installing the other two bushings in the shift linkage and putting in a centering spring should help a lot.  Yeah, ill be putting a centering spring in, it wont look good but ittl work.

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