Friday, December 30, 2011

sick s13

its not the lowest, its not the best looking, but its different, and this type of car has a lot of character.  old school motor swap (L28) in this s13.  the motor is NA but its pretty built, and the guy drags it.  anyways, i think its sick

And updates on the, I am going to take out the dizzy when I get the chance, clean and lube it, and take out the weights, lock it out with a steel plate, and put it back in.  then ill set up a retard map on the MSD ignition so Ill be able to make some good power.  It should work out well, I think

I think before i lock it out though, ill set it to full advance and get a timing light and see where its running at.  My prediction is that it will be stop on at times that the vacuum advance is kicking in and too advanced at times with out the vacuum advance, and at those times I could advance it using the MSD.  It will probably make for a tougher job on the timing map but it might be easier and I wouldnt have to mess with the dizzy and I wouldnt get the "rotor phasing" problem that people say comes as a result as a locked out dizzy.  so i need to get a timing light and see if I can dial in the timing by tuning the dizzy and retarding with the MSD using a timing light

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