Tuesday, December 6, 2011

new muffler!!

Just got a new muffler to replace the one that I hat on my car for the short while that it was on there. it got dented by hitting against the bottom of the bumper because I didnt put any exhaust supports on cause that system was temporary just to pass smog.  Now im going to make the real system with the new headers and muffler, and I need to get some pipe.

Heres the muffler with the silencer in.  it will flow pretty well, its 2.5" of straight-through silencer style

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  1. and planned i have some service stuff to do:
    new plug leads
    (already did new plugs and new rotor)
    put in new cap I have
    get an new dizzy vacuum advance mech to replace my broken one

    then it should be running up to par