Friday, December 30, 2011

sick s13

its not the lowest, its not the best looking, but its different, and this type of car has a lot of character.  old school motor swap (L28) in this s13.  the motor is NA but its pretty built, and the guy drags it.  anyways, i think its sick

And updates on the, I am going to take out the dizzy when I get the chance, clean and lube it, and take out the weights, lock it out with a steel plate, and put it back in.  then ill set up a retard map on the MSD ignition so Ill be able to make some good power.  It should work out well, I think

I think before i lock it out though, ill set it to full advance and get a timing light and see where its running at.  My prediction is that it will be stop on at times that the vacuum advance is kicking in and too advanced at times with out the vacuum advance, and at those times I could advance it using the MSD.  It will probably make for a tougher job on the timing map but it might be easier and I wouldnt have to mess with the dizzy and I wouldnt get the "rotor phasing" problem that people say comes as a result as a locked out dizzy.  so i need to get a timing light and see if I can dial in the timing by tuning the dizzy and retarding with the MSD using a timing light

Sunday, December 25, 2011


was okay until now, a compete disaster. i havent been able to get the pin out of my shift coupler so I tried, using my drill press, I couldnt get it, I bent the drill press and now it doesnt drill straight, and on top of that I dropper my urethane tub and the top busted open. yep, alls shitty here

Saturday, December 24, 2011


so im in the process of filling my prothane coupler bushings with polyurethane so i can redrill them with the ideal hole for completely play-less precise shifting.  Also, that ten dollar defrost/heater i got... the plug melted and broke, so i cult it apart and wired it into the wiring that I used to be running as the trunk lighting.  Im not sure why its not working, but ill figure it out, i hope

other than that, i want to make the exhaust now relly bad, cause im tired of the smog-passing one thats on there now

Thursday, December 22, 2011


yeah, so im going to be making some solid mounts and bushings.

I also decided against using the ricer muffler on the exhaust system im making.  I think im going to buy a summit muffler, like this one:
and then just run a pipe out as a tip, cause the ricer muffler I have is 2.5" anyways and im going to make a 3" exhaust system

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

skyline drive today

realized how much work i need to do on my car driving up @ the mountain pass.  need to get the suspension up to par, need to fix the vacuum advance, and also need to put in the new shift bushings, bad!!!  yeah, couldnt find gears worth crap. shifting from second to fifth, misshifts from third to second instead of fourth (those ones make you cringe)

anyways, yeah, cars not up to par yet (basic maintenance) let alone mods.  should have most of this done by the end of brea though

Sunday, December 18, 2011

almost done!!

2 finals tomorrow, then one on tuesday, then im done!!!!! for about a week and a half, due to the current break cuts at are school, yeah, its a bummer.  but were doing some filming and photography this break, it should be cool. ive done some more work on the car recently, and i have a lot more stuff to do
-wheels, custom hub adapters, roll the fenders, steering wheel & quick release, redo the suspension and do an alignment, paint it.. yeah, i know, same stuff im procrastinating as crap, but ittl get done at some point, i hope

oil change

changed the oil in my car last night in prep for break.  gonna  be doing a lot of driving over break. next up on the list is readjusting the suspension and doing an alignment

i think i need an sc300 now. this redefines sexy

the white drift sc is my fav on this page, but the flushed ones are sick too

Friday, December 16, 2011

some more body work

 this part of the fender is almost done, then i gotta do the part by the headlight

Thursday, December 15, 2011

dumb car

relly hate my car right now, why in the world did they decide to use a lug pattern that nobody else uses.  and i havent yet been able to find a custom adapter shop that makes adapters even that fit my hubs.  the stock wheels are narrow as crap and this is making running different wheels more of a challenge than it should be.

EDIT- jk, just found a shot that makes custom hub adapters, 2 for like $70, or something relly good priced like that.  im planing on running 2 17" or 18" by 9.5" +0 on the back.  if i run 18's than im going to buy 18's to run up front too, but if i run 17's, then im going to run my stock rear wheels up front.

9.5" in the back with hub adapters between 1"-1.5" is going to put my wheel out about 1.5" past where my stock fender is right now.  im going to roll and pull the crap out of the rear fenders to make the wheels and tire setup fit, but I think it will work.
id like to run 18s but that would mean i have to run super low profile tires which i then risk hitting a pothole and breaking or bending my wheel

camber plates

so i only know of like 1 company that makes camber plates for my car, and theyre way to much to buy right now (could buy better stuff for the price), so i think im going to buy this sick pair of bmw ones and modify & redrill them to fit.

or something like these.  im not sure how your supposed to run these though, i would probably flip them upside down and run them like high hats

I would do weld in camber plates (like the t3 ones) but im too much of a whimp wo wled onto my strut towers, so ittle be bolt on for now

or maybe like these, universal fit-drill and cut if you need to


just finished my history final (3 essays)
english tomorrow
precalc and physics next week

Saturday, December 10, 2011

drift car in hot rod mag???

the first time and the last time you will ever see a drift car in hot rod magazine, I think. i guess it kinda makes sense cause this mustang is the bridge between the two scenes, but still, not many rodders will be happy about this

i friggin love it, btw

steering wheel hub work stuff

So i took all of the old setup off, and I put on the VW hub I bought thats the right spline size, but its slightly loose/ had a little bit of play in it.  IM pretty bummed about that, so I think I might just end up modifying the OEM hub (cutting it shorter and welding on a circular plate with the momo/ sparco 6 bolt pattern.  Or maybe just drilling that pattern into the OEM hun and cutting and re-welding it to make it a short hub, well see.  Or maybe the play wont be there when the nut is tightened on.

I painted the plastic cover too, green.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


just pot a heater/ defrost in my car. its one of those ten dollar 12v plug in ones.

well see how it works

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

car updates, body work and new knob

Doing some body work (dent pulling and filling) on the front right fender. its coming along fairly well.
I also got a new shift knob today from none other than Owen K. he used to run this sick weighted knob on his 3 series and went to a new one so now i have his old knob to replace the one i had that was cracking and falling apart.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

your awesome when you...

made your custom tranny tunnel to house your SR20 in a datsun 610 truck out of a WHEELBARROW!!  

new muffler!!

Just got a new muffler to replace the one that I hat on my car for the short while that it was on there. it got dented by hitting against the bottom of the bumper because I didnt put any exhaust supports on cause that system was temporary just to pass smog.  Now im going to make the real system with the new headers and muffler, and I need to get some pipe.

Heres the muffler with the silencer in.  it will flow pretty well, its 2.5" of straight-through silencer style

Thursday, December 1, 2011

crazy starlet project

came across this posted by user "Albin" on the driftworks blog, pretty crazy- tube frame with custom shock towers (more like metal plates) super high up to slam the thing. pretty sick if u ask me