Thursday, December 15, 2011

dumb car

relly hate my car right now, why in the world did they decide to use a lug pattern that nobody else uses.  and i havent yet been able to find a custom adapter shop that makes adapters even that fit my hubs.  the stock wheels are narrow as crap and this is making running different wheels more of a challenge than it should be.

EDIT- jk, just found a shot that makes custom hub adapters, 2 for like $70, or something relly good priced like that.  im planing on running 2 17" or 18" by 9.5" +0 on the back.  if i run 18's than im going to buy 18's to run up front too, but if i run 17's, then im going to run my stock rear wheels up front.

9.5" in the back with hub adapters between 1"-1.5" is going to put my wheel out about 1.5" past where my stock fender is right now.  im going to roll and pull the crap out of the rear fenders to make the wheels and tire setup fit, but I think it will work.
id like to run 18s but that would mean i have to run super low profile tires which i then risk hitting a pothole and breaking or bending my wheel

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