Monday, April 23, 2012

lexus diff

I forgot to mention, i took the diff to blu808 and they welded it for me for $65.  they did two square steel plates, one on each side, welded to the 4 spider gears front and back.  its rock solid, glad I paid to have a super good weld.

anyways, ive been driving on it for about 2.5 weeks now and it feels solid.  everyone complains about it, and its not a big deal.  you only feel it driving slowly through a parking lot

anyways, next up on the lexus is some means of lowering and im going to try to get a crappy used pair of 17" wheels for drifting with, cause I can get free used 17" tires

I finished painting the porsche and im starting to reassemble it.  I still need to buff it out through.

the lexus (original basically everything) has 186, almost 7k miles on it and im surprised the motors held up. im not sure it will last for long though

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

opened the diff

I pulled the diff out of the car today, and of course im going to drain the differential fluid because im going to be getting it welded.  So I unscrew the drain plug to drain the oil and all I get is a hiss of compressed air that comes out.  Eventually oil started to come out.  This means the oil had not been changed in a really long time.  

The magnetic drain plug had a bunch of sludge on it and stuck to it were some chunks/shards of metal.  

so i took off the cover on the diff to find that...

the shards of metal came from the spider gears, specifically the ones on the top and on the bottom.

I would replace them, but I wont be using them anymore because the diff is going to be welded.

events of the day

bought some hubba bubba at the grocery store last night with adrian

made some potstickers for me and my dad and ate some spicy ramen

so i pulled the diff from my lexus today

it went something like this...

jacked up the lexus and put it on owens jacks stands (thanks a ton for letting my use them)

and just to be safe i put some wood under the wheels

the tools, there ended up being more

jack under the diff

first 6 bolts removed off the cv joints (3 from each)

then i jacked it up off the blocks of wood

put down the hand brake and spun each wheel 180 degrees

took out the other 6 bolts

then took out the 3 bolts that connected the flex disk to the drive shaft

and then the two front diff mount bolts

i love these, got them at harbor freight

lowered it onto the jack, one axle popped out, i hat to give the other one a few taps with the hammer
I also had to get the end of the crowbar between the flex disc and the driveshaft for separate them

(left) 1992 sc400. (right) 1993 sc300 manual  (they dont look much different from the outside) 

Sunday, April 8, 2012