Monday, April 2, 2012

some parts and stuff

So i got a new air filter for the 911 to replace that piece of junk that was on there

and a threaded cusco spin turn knob for the sc300.  
the cusco one is on the car now and this is the old one that i pressed onto the oem ebrake knob.  

the cusco one is a little weird, I think you actually twist it/spin it to tighten it when you ratchet it up so that it doesnt fail because there is no spring.  its safer that way, i guess

I think im going to be painting the 911 over the second half of brake.  I know that this is like the third time that I have said that im going to have it painted, ive been busy with stuff and assuming there is a hot day over break, I should have it painted for sure

i forgot to add, theres a shop in cambell, CA that does drift car prep called blu808 that i called up today and they weld diffs for $75.  so over break hopefully ill take the pumpkin out of the car and bring it to them to weld

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