Monday, January 2, 2012

stoked on hachis right now

two in specific, and some other ones too.
rauh welt started with ae86's.  they were the ones who started demon camber, stretched tires, even ziptying, i think.  Yeah, the painters car, hes the youngest guy in the original rwb crew, back when they were all 86's. hes the only guy whos still with rwb thats only 86s to this day, whereas everyone else has gone to 911s.  this is one of his two cars, his track prepped one
awesome feature done by Antonio Alvendia from speedhunters
super old but i look at it all the time, major inspiration for my car, love everything about it

and where did that sick body kit come from?

the man on top of the 86 scene, Yamashita Koichi.  he is the founder, owner, and leader of running free.  what was a team, and became a company, is this group of 86ers who were one of the first 86 drift groups.  his car is one of the best known and its running some crazy parts.  Is company makes these kits that are really sick.  Yeah, this is his feature on motormavens

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