Wednesday, January 4, 2012

some updates

Yeah, so the polyurethane has become very stiff.  Its been less than 48 hrs and their almost dried completely.  Ill give it until saturday at least though before I put them on just to ensure that theyre totally good to go.  I ground down/drilled the polyurethane where the bolt holes are, so I should be able to get the bolts in there easily now.  

So yeah, now its just sitting and waiting until I can put them back in, and before I do I will paint them, of course.  Im thinking of going to osh and buying some of the marking spray paint (florescent paint) and using that, cause it looks sick.  I think ill pick one of those colors, probably green, and carry it throughout the car as a color on a lot of the parts, that would look sick.

Also thinking about slamming the range rover, but I dont want to buy wheels, and Im guessing slammed on stock wheels would like pretty terrible.  But i need new shocks for that car so i might just do it now anyways.  it will be an ebay shock set and some coils that i can find cheap that are super high spring rate

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