Monday, January 9, 2012

new phone!!

yep, just got a new phone, my old ones screen broke internally, cause its not cracked.  and its really weird cause i just pulled it out of my pocket and it was cracked.  anyway, my 2 yr plan was done so i got the new free phone with all the gear, its a sweet deal

also got a gps from my parents for christmas and its pretty sweet, but i havent used it yet cause the cigarette lighter on my car might be messed up, i think.  but its what i want, because it has a big screen and i can use it for driving up at the mountain pass so you can see where the turns are and where the straight aways are even ay night. this is, imho, one of two of the most important night time accessories, the other being ebay hid xenons in the for light housings.  my fog lights are already broken/ the dont work so im probably going to take out all of the wiring and run some stupid bring ebay xenons so that I can see well at night.  (you only use these when nobodys on the road)

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