Tuesday, January 10, 2012

wheel setup

So im thinking, i wont be able to run good wheels (specs) with hub adapters.  it would add another inch of negative offset (if you were to count it as part of the wheel) which means that the wheel would have to be about 17" by 10" with about +42 mm offset, which when combined with a 1 inch (25.4mm) hub adapter, would give it 16mm offset.  +16 offset on a 17" by 10" wheel is something that i have confirmation that will fit with rolled fenders (it has been done before).  and I think thats pretty much the widest anyone has done.  now, if i were to run the XXR wheels that im looking at, they would be put at -5 offset in the back with the hub adapter, which probably wouldn't fit. there would be extra space on the inside edge of the tire and not enough space on the fender edge.  i would need more offset than that if I were going to use a hub adapter.

Which Is why I think ive come to the conclusion of running different hubs, or modifying the stock hubs, for 5x114.3 hub pattern, this would mean drilling and threading new holes on the OEM hubs, which could be an option, or running nissan hubs if they have the same spline pattern, which I still need to figure out.
Like these (but I would try to grab a set from a maxima in a junk yard).

then id be working with the right hub pattern with no need for adapters.  I would be able to run wider wheels, not that id want to, but id be able to run ten times better offsets.  I would be running anywhere from a 17"x10" +16 to a 17"x10" +5 depending on how much I roll the outside fender.  Yeah, that would be pretty frikken awesome

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