Thursday, November 17, 2011

drove it, it runs, but i still got a little ways to go

This is what the car looks like as of right now
It runs, its drivable, it still has the old rusty full-of-holes exhaust that renders the muffler useless
I got some OBX race headers in the mail, I paid for the ceramic coated steel ones and they accidentally sent my stainless steel ones for the ceramic coated price :) - u know i didnt complain about that one!!
anyways, ill be keeping that muffler, as it cuts few decibels and few hp, the way i like it (it has ~2.5" of full straight through pipe in the middle which is drilled silencer style with packing around the pipe, but the flow is unbeatable, especially for the $20 that I paid for it.  
I still need to lower the car, I lowered it already, but the front is outta wack, and while im redoing the front I think im going to lower it a little more, and then lower the rear a little to match it.  Right now the fenders are just at the height of the top of the tires, and the chassis is about 5 or 6" off the ground, so I can afford to lower it a little more.  With the new exhaust that im currently making, I will tuck the muffler as high and as out of the way as possible for maximum clearance. - its higher than it was yesterday because I cracked the weld when the muffler hit the gas station "driveway cutout" or whaever you call them. so i jacked up the muffler and rewelded it, its decent now

im working on the hub adapter, well no, but ive put some though into it and I have an idea for it that I think will work fairly well.
then its just roll fenders, fix dents, paint, and then new back wheels when Im ready for them

Ill be going to skyline this sunday to put the car to the test, Ill work on some handbrake drifts too, hopefully well get some pics.

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  1. I forgot to mention, I have those deceiving type sideskirts that make the car look higher than it is, my chassis is a good inch, maybe and inch and a half below the bottom of the skirts, so ittl always look higher than it is