Sunday, November 13, 2011


Im thinking or running these wheels in the back: 17X10 Silver 4 Lug Silver SC Deep Dish Wheels
i will do a lug conversion to make that work.
then I will take my current back wheels and stick them up front.  I will roll both front and rear fenders (rears a lot) to make this doable, but they say under the stock fenders you can fit 225's up front and 245's in the back.  Ill probably run ~220s or so up front and then somewhere around 230's/235's in the back with a slight stretch.  it should look good.  those wheels right there are 17x10j with +25mm offset, something around there.  Its a big jump from by current rears, i think theyre about 7" wide, maybe a little wider?? but if you look now at those wheels in the fender, the fender, unrolled/pulled can house a good 2" wider tire, and a wider wheel if your stretching, so rolled fenders with the 10" wheels should be pretty nice. ill have to talk to one of the stores that makes custom hub adapters, and I think instead of running a hub adapter that will push my wheel even farther out, I will run a super long hub adapter that replaces the OEM one. that way the wheel wont be pushed out too much.
ill try to get some pictures to make it less confusting

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