Thursday, October 27, 2011

got some stuff today

variable rpm orbital sander/buffer (its pretty awesome).  a couple of sand paper circles for it.  a vice grip w/ an anvil on it. and a free, complementary schick razor.

harbor freight for the win!  i also bough an air compressor from them, we have a small 1.5 or 2 gallon (i forget) compressor that weve had for a lotta years that has worked well, for stuff like pumping up tires, cleaning stuff with compressed air, etc. but for the air tools and paint gun, you need a lot more volume. otherwise you spray for 3 seconds, wait for a minute.  it gets frustrating.  anyways, harbor freight had a sale and i got one of their 17 gallon compressors.  that should be plenty to do these jobs.

yeah, and for the car. gonna reindex the suspension once again, this time lower (rubbers gotta tuck) and the front was out of whack anyways.  then just fix dents, roll fenders, and paint the car.  oh, and i need to spot procrastinating and make the steering wheel hub adapter fit the momo 6 bolt pattern.  then ill be running the deep dish wheel and an nrg quick release.

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