Wednesday, October 26, 2011


cars running great, drove it around a little today (not far from home cause its not registered).  got teh rear window in (using the string wrap around seal trick. this makes the job literally go from about to give up to doing it in 3 minutes.  it was so easy, i might take the windows back out to paint the car, cause i could have them all back in in a short amount of time.

yes, i am going to paint my car soon. white, cause thats what i did the inside, and with no ac, itll stay cooler that way.

heres the direction im going:

and some hardener and reducer if needed. one of those bags of powder makes 1-2 quarts of paint. so ill probably use two of those powder packages, and probably two liters of clearcoat and with that the .5l of hardener.  im not sure what the consistency will be like, so im not sure about thinner/reducer.  i dont think ill need it though.

yep, thats a lot of pain, i realize, but its going to be my base coats (color) and my clear coats together as one, cause if you think about it, its just colored clear coat.  then ill buff it with some compound and ill have a good looking paint job for a price that i dont feel like im getting ripped off by.  who knows, i might end up just using one liter of clearcoat, .25l of hardener and a little bit of reducer, which could get me to 2 quarts easily and then that would go with the 2 bags.  and then im going in like $40 total, not bad at all.

but first i gotta fix all those dents.

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