Wednesday, October 12, 2011

steering wheel hub

got it today, its meand for a vw but its the right year that has that same spline pattern as my car, or so they say, well see one i try to put it on.  im going to cut off those three bolt hole type stub things and weld on a circular plate that ill drill the momo 6 bolt pattern into.

other than that, i found a couple air leaks in the injection system air box, one is in teh back intake runner which i will fix by tightening once i get the right socket
i fixed one on the side of the airbox with some plastic glue.
plus i got a nascar oil catch can offa ebay, looks pretty good.  ill be making a run to home depot soon to get some hose and fittings for that

i need to put the steering rack spacers i have in the front, put the back windshield in (but i might to lexan) and finish sanding down the sunroof plug and tehn pain the car and then im pretty much good to go.

hopefully i can get this thing to run right soon

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