Wednesday, October 5, 2011

got the wheel

Its relly not bad for a cheap ebay wheel, i figure its a china made copy of the high 6 bolt racing wheels.

Im going to run an NRG 2.5 quick release, adn to prevent it from being too close to me (a deep dish wheel with a quick release) im going to buy a vw hub that fits the right spine size of my steering column/shaft.  Im using the vw one because it is the shortest hub I could find.  I will then cut and weld a disc/ circular piece of metal with the necessary 6 bolt pattern onto the hub.  I think it should work pretty well.

Also, Im in the middle of lowering the front suspension (which required me to reindex the front torsion bars).  should have that done tomorrow assuming that im not slacking

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  1. heres the adapter im going to use for anyone else who might want to do this modification