Monday, October 17, 2011

steering rack spacer

the steering rack spacers came with two cool looking red anodized spacers, and two bolt lengths, on is about 40mm and the other 50.  but i think im going to lower the car a little more, and i think i will want more spacing of the steering rack than just those spacers.  so i went to osh today and bought 2 60mm bolts and 2 70mm bolts and 15 washers for extra spacing (though im sure i wont use all of them).  i think this should help prop the steering rack up well and prevent bump steer.

also, ive been pulling out the dents in the front left fender with a little hot glue gun kit. i got it to work relly well twice, but it didnt work well the other times.  its a hit and miss trial to trial type of thing.  anyways, the little plastic things that you glue to the car broke so im going to try to make one out of a washer and a screw. ill pull those dents as much as possible and bondo will take care of the rest.  (i cant get to these dents with a hammer because oil lines are in the way). then ill roll the fenders, put the rear wheels in the front, and get some wider wheels for the back. 225's up front and 245s-255s in the back, depending on what I can find.


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