Wednesday, October 19, 2011

car running

got my car running, still has a leak somewhere and consequently, i know its still running a little lean but i can get it to idle at 950 rpms and it sounds pretty good.  i made a little catch can out of a little empty urethane paint can and i bought one of those little generic filters and mounted that on top (for pcv venting) and man does that thing vent! before mounting that filter i was like, do i really need to buy one, im sure it will work fine without it. i was wrong. that thing looks like a chimney when the car is running. Man! i totally underestimated the flow of that. at first i though something was broken until i saw where all of the smoke/ steam was coming from.

letdown of the day:
just bough a fender roller off ebay and i tried to mount it up onto my axle studes to roll my fenders/ help fid the dent in my rear right fender and lucky me, the fender roller doesnt work with my bolt configuration.
they say "fits most and 4 bolt lug patterns"-wow, great, just not mine.

and that stupid company porsche, wtf were they thinking?!?! "yeah man, id be a great idea to make a lug pattern that no other car uses" "yeah, that be awesome, that would make us unique". NO!! its a terrible idea and now i have to deal with it, im either going to buy a single hub adapter so i can roll my fenders, or do a lug conversion, which I have been planning but wasnt going to do this soon. i was going to wait until i found a set of nice wheels (which of course wouldnt be the right size) and then do the conversion.

any recommendations? right now im leaning towards just trying to find a used hub/lug adapter somewhere that i can use to make the roller fit.

but im not even as pissed as i would usually be, cause i got the car running today pretty decently.
ill get a vid up when im not lazy (probably wont happen)

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