Monday, October 3, 2011

steering wheel

Just bought this super awesome JDM steering wheel (kinda a momo knockoff).
but its got the 6 bolt pattern, which allows you to run it like a momo.  and its got the wakaba sign, which i know know means that im a novice driver, lol.

Im going to buy a momo hub adapter with the 6 bolt pattern, and then Ill see how far it is way from my body.  hopefully its way too far because I want to run an NRG quick release but it its going to be too close with the quick release than I might cut and reweld the hub adapter to make it shorter so that the quick release will fit well.  they make short quick releases, bot those dont looks 1/4 as good as the NRG 2.5.

And id like to run a quick release so i can get in and out of the car comfortably (has a cage).
yup, thats whats been going on,
plus theres an air leak in the injection system that causing the car to idle at 2k rpms when the idle speed screw is on the lowest setting (that should kill the engine, i think)

well, well see how that goes, hopefully ill have it back on the road soon, plug i realized that the front ride height bolts are maxed out low which means that I will have to reindex the front torsion bars to lower it. free, yes, but not as easy as just having to adjust a bolt.

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