Monday, May 6, 2013

this is just too good

and ive always love this car and speedhunters just featured it

and this car.  ive seen pictures of it before but i finally found a build thread for it.  looks wise, its a 10 for me, huge fan of the wheels and color

and some updates on my car, pulled out my whole rear end, and am about in the middle of swapping it over to my new (actually older but much nicer) subframe which I will be painting hopefully tomorrow

ive had my eye out for coilovers, when i find a good set, ill get them.  then adjustable upper control arms in the back, I think, and my suspension will be pretty much where I want it.  Its all stock right now but with cut springs

I also have my q45 front calipers still from my s13 that I parted out.  Im going to compare them to the sc300 oem fronts and use whichever are larger, assuming I can get the brackets to work out.
Im also going to be doing an abs delete in the next couple days and will be running a hydraulic handbrake

thats pretty much it for now, I think.  ive been working on the bbs rebuild, slowly but surely its coming along
also bought a set of staggered A-dish of craigslist last week.  I went to max out the rear camber to run them and then i realized my other lca bolt was frozen, which initiated my whole subframe swap process

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