Monday, March 18, 2013

lexus and other

so heres what has been going on.  swapped in the new pass side rear end.suspension stuff.  realized that an sc400 has a different rotor size and caliper bracket size.  swapped the old caliper bracket on.  went to the picknpull and got a new front fender and rotor.  now everything is back together but i forgot to put the little clips in the brake pads, so i will put those in.  other than that, it sounds like my brake shoes might be making some type of noise, need to make sure i installed them right.  everything else is good all around.

doing some work on the dent on my hood.  its almost good to go.  also started sanding my hood down and an going to fill/shave the windshield wiper squirters soon too.

parting out an s13 coupe if anyone wants any parts

 and an old still shot from a video that my friend took a couple weeks back.

more to some soon.  im planning on painting the car once I get everything back together and the fenders rolled/worked to fit the wheels im building

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