Tuesday, March 5, 2013

recent stuff with my lexus

so i pretty much gave up on my nissan.  i have parted everything out except a few more parts which are still for sale.
im focusing on the lexus right now.  i crashed it about a week ago drifting in that parking lot we always go to.  slid into a curb.  hood, right fender, rear: disc brake, 3 control arms, 1 traction arm, axle, wheel, i forget what else.  anyways, pulled everything from the car.  still working on cutting out a frozen lca bolt.  i went to a guys parking lot down in milpitas and got a new subframe with all the pass side parts i need.  took them off as one whole.  im am ready to swap them in and will do so as soon as i get the bolt out.  i am swapping old ebrake cable to new setup.  I am also going to try to find a couple of more matching mustang wheels.  then i need a fender and i should be back on the road.

thats whats going on for now.  once i get the fender and repair the hood i am going to try to get a vertex style kit and paint the whole car.  Around the same time i will be looking to get coilovers, build my wheels, and work the fenders accordingly

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